Monday, 17 November 2008

A Pushy Mother? Part 2

Jennie Jerome's rise to the landed aristocracy in England started at a time when the English aristocracy was in desperate need of some new money and new blood to revitalise it. The young and ambitious Jennie moved to London with the hope of mixing with the right people. Jennie caused a stir almost immediately-even getting the attention of HRH the Prince of Wales (who would later become King Edward VII). Jennie was everything a young woman was supposed to be-she was charismatic, vivacious, charming, well-read, and an accomplished pianist. It goes without saying that Jennie Jerome impressed the high society in England.

It wasn't long before Jennie was being invited to all the best parties, including a party thrown by the 'Playboy Prince' himself, where Jennie would meet her future husband, Lord Randolph Churchill, for the first time. Churchill was completely captivated by Jennie's charm and beauty-he even said to his friend that he would marry her. True to his word, three days later Lord Randolph proposed to Jennie Jerome.

It was a match that was advantageous for both sides; Jennie had succeeded in securing the life that she desperately wanted, and Randolph was given an astonishing £3 million-a very tidy sum for 1874! However, despite the great start Jennie and Randolph got in the married life it would not be an easy marriage for the couple.


Evangeline Holland said...

lol, Jennie didn't go to England because of an advertisement. She and her family had settled in England after escaping the overthrow of Napoleon III in 1870. Her mother preferred to live in Europe, and despite occasional jaunts to NY where Mr Jerome resided, the Jerome ladies spent considerable time in Europe throughout their lives. Jennie and Randolph met at Cowes in the early 1870s.

TammiMagee said...

ha sorry about that error. A recent documentary I watched must have been slightly wrong then. I do apologise. I will change the article. Thanks