Saturday 11 October 2008

Ride To The Wall-A Great Success!

The first ever Ride To The Wall remembrance event has been a huge success! The event was organised by the Nene Valley Harley Owners Group to remember those that have died on duty since the Second World War. Sources estimated that over 800 bikers would be taking part but the actual number was closer to 2500 bikers! The riders involved started to arrive at round 11.30am and soon filled up the designated space allocated to them, and so other places had to be found for them to park. The procession didn't slow down until about 50 minutes later when the last lot of bikers had to pull up on the road outside of the arboretum, because so many had come to take part. It was a glorious sight to see so many people attending the remembrance service, which comes exactly one month before Remembrance Day. Many of the bikers that took part have connections to war; many were once on active service or have children who are currently on duty, and quite a few were taking part for more emotional reasons to remember lost loved ones.

Hopefully, this event will be an annual commeration that will attract more and more visitors to the National Memorial Arboretum, as the memorial relies solely on donations to keep it going. The arboretum is a magnificent place to visit, for more information visit their website.

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