Monday 6 October 2008

Of Course Knowing about Black Civil Rights Matters!

I was recently asked by one of my Year 9 students about why we were studying the Black Civil Rights campaign that took place in the USA-after ranting and raving about how important the campaign was and still is to many millions of people for about 5 minutes, and while realising that the student probably wished she hadn't asked, I resolutely declared that 'it would be a very sad day when people stopped caring about things that have happened in our past and that have so much affect on people!'. And I will always maintain that it would be very sad indeed. I was happy to read about the powers that be in Washington who have recently had a iron statue of Civil Rights campaigner Frederick Douglass installed in Judiciary Square. I am very pleased to see the people of America championing legends, like Frederick Douglass who did so much to try to achieve equality for black people in the United States.

Is there any particular person from History that you would like to see commemorated in this way? Let me know your thoughts!

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Anonymous said...

I have spent many years researching into and trying to raise people's awareness of Frederick Douglass who visited Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Dundee to name just three Scottish cities. The "send Back The Dollars" campaign against the new Free Church of Scotland's fundraising amongst the slaveowners in the USA had a profound effect not just on the emancipation movement but also Scottish social and religious history. Ida B Wells was another campaigner who graced us with a visit. I came across them and others when researching for a website on the Self Help movement in Edinburgh, Fife, and the Lothians. There is so little known of them these days.