Monday, 18 August 2008

Using Historical Evidence to Solve Modern Mystery...

I have just come across a really good multi-episode interactive game on BBC History called CDX. The premise of the game is that you, playing as BBC film maker Adam, have to find the missing blade that was used to kill Julius Caesar. The blade came to be in Adam's possession while he was making a documentary about Rome, but due to a motorbike accident that has left Adam with amnesia, he can not remember what has happened to the blade.

To unlock the mystery of the blade you have to uncover and use historical and archaeological evidence and research Roman history. Adam is equipped with books, the Internet, knowledgeable contacts and a phone so that all of the historical research that needs to be done is part of the game itself.

The story is rather an exciting one as it centers around a conspiracy theory and murder, this, coupled with the fact that you are using real historical evidence to help you during the game, makes this game a very exciting one indeed!

Being as the game has four episodes it does take quite a while to complete, I have been playing now for 2 hours and I'm still only on episode 2! However, when you sign up to the game you are given a unique code that lets you sign into the game and continue your progress if you do not have the time to solve the mystery in one day!

This game is very addictive and will take you on an adventure that you could not better unless you were Robert Langdon himself! The game can be found here... Enjoy!

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