Sunday, 31 August 2008

Romans in the New Term

The new school term is nearly upon us and it is probably time to start thinking about education again! During the summer holiday I have been planning a new scheme of work on the 'Romans in Britain'. This scheme of work will be the first unit that the year 8's will study in History when they get back to school on 10th September. I am really excited about this scheme of work and I hope the year 8's will really enjoy it too!

If you are in year 8 and want to get a head start on your knowledge of the Romans, why not try out some interactive quizzes? They are lots of fun and are very effective when you are learning a new subject or revising a subject previously studied. Those of you I teach will know that I like to use these interactive quizzes at the end of each topic because they are such a good learning tool.

See you in September and have fun going histatic about the Romans!

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