Saturday 7 March 2009

Food Inspired by History!

Last week I watched a very entertaining cookery show headed by top chef Heston Blumenthal that saw Heston create a lavish Victorian feast inspired by History! Heston took inspiration from a number of Victorian recipe books and from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to create an unusual 'Mad Hatter' style banquet.
Heston's Victorian Feast included a drink that was made up of five distinct flavours, Mock Turtle Soup, and insects-a popular alternative to meat for poorer Victorians, and jelly laced with Absinthe-a drink that Oscar Wilde claimed made him hallucinate.
Next weeks episode will be food inspired by the Medieval era-I'm looking forward to watching it!


Lucy said...

Fascinating. I'd love to be able to watch this! Thanks for the Youtube snip though:)

TammiMagee said...

I'll post another clip when the Medieval one has been on. Heston cooks some bizarre meals-makes it just that tad more entertaining :) Thanks!

no name girl said...

I watched this yesterday!
It was so facinating!
It is absolutly wicked. I love how he mixed science with history


TammiMagee said...

yes-I thought it was wicked too. The little snippets of History were fab! Thanks for the comment!