Tuesday 29 September 2009

Wild, Wild West!

On timelines.tv, an old favourite of mine, I have just discovered a new timeline dedicated to the history of the American West. There are seven eye-witness accounts of the West, including that of the pioneers, the homesteaders, and of course, the Native Americans-detailing Black Elk's (man pictured) story of life on the Plains, the struggle against white settlers, the Fort Laramie Treaty, and the Battle of Little Bighorn.
These videos are detailed and will make an excellent resource for revision for those students studying the American West as part of their History GCSE, including Great Wyrley's four GCSE groups!

Take a look and let me know what you think.

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StimmeDesHerzens said...

hey really neat. I am currently compiling photos, letters, diary excerpts etc from my gt gt grandfather who was the first physician (horse and buggy MD) in Santa Clara county here in Ca (or, San Jose)--intending to publish something to keep this pioneer's life experience alive. He came across the plains by foot with oxen in 1847 as did his wife Sarah Braly, in another train.