Thursday, 22 March 2012

Not Forgotten

The first part of a very interesting documentary by Private Eye editor, Ian Hislop. For the benefit of my Year 12s really but let me know if you want the resting posting.

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sam elliott said...


Marching for miles in worn sodden boots,
Pulling me down like dry thirsty roots,
Holding me close to the filth and the mud,
Chilling my bones with a frost laden blood.

The smoke, the noise and the smell and the cries,
Numbing my senses and clouding my eyes,
With the nearing of death and promise of pain,
Wash over my body like a chilled winter rain.

Men all around in matching suits of green
Advance to a hellhole, the devils wished-for dream
And some invisible axeman is starting his work
Chopping the young men face down to the dirt.

Sleeps hard to come when fear fills your mind
With the unknown ahead and misery behind
The heartbeat of the engines from giant iron tanks
Help much needed sleep on wet splintered planks

Awakened by sun, my dreams snatched away,
A white blanket of snowflakes welcome the day,
And among the barbed wire and the horror filled bogs,
Lay hundreds of motionless, snow covered logs.